Alliy (allodeeseesswan) wrote,

Well the first two days of the first weekend of school were pretty cool. Me and Jenny got the idea of roasting marshmallows on Jenny’s gas stove, and did so during lunch. After school, I ended up going over to jennys and making burritos with her and Jacquie then went to kailas and made smores and cookies… Then we fell asleep on her floor watching 2 fast 2 furious which was very uncomfortable, somehow my floors different…

Today I had a soccer game… and dun dun dun dun… we lost… what else is new… kinda sucks huh? OH well… Then I hung out with my neighbor and his friend (freshman). We were going to go put putting so I invited a bunch of people but that didn’t work out. So me, kaila, Troy, jenny, her 2 friends, nick, andrew alex and kailas friend ish person Chance hun out instead… We drove to anthonys w/ 5 people in Troys VERY small Mustang and then down to Family sports to pick up Chance. WE ended up goin to my house and ate lots of pizza and Taquitos,i just reaized how awesome it s of my parents to like feed all my friends and have no problem with it... everyone left between 1030 and 11 except Troy who left at like 12.. We had some good discussions bout some different stuff… it was fun

I realized that when im with kaila we eat a lot.. I think we have fun making the food... That and the 25 cent candy bars at King soopers.. I think we should work on a new activity.. Cause I usually feel sick after hanging out with her

ahh man i have soccer tomorrow morning at 9 am blah
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