Alliy (allodeeseesswan) wrote,

my lovely night

So… I don’t think anyone really reads this… but im alright with that.. I live a fairly boring life anyhow, not to mention the fact that those pics were fairly embarrassing! Tonight I an eye doctor appointment, hooray I don’t have to go back till February and I can wear contacts for short periods of time!!! I may have a scar on my eye for the rest of my life but I think that’s pretty darn awesome!

After that I went to kailas house and met Anthony and we made cookies with Ned as well which was great fun… yah so we played catch with the corn nuts after we played a game where you place a part of a chocolate bar on the bill of a hat then flip it off and catch it in your mouth.. I failed big time! Then came the big necklace switcharoo, and now Anthony aka Andrew aka somethin else is now wearing my rainbow/star necklace… how hot is that?!!?! Yeah so that was my exciting night! Hooray for me!

Oh yeah I almost forgot.. Me and Ned had some massive mind sex.. And it was way wild! Lol YEAH!
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