Alliy (allodeeseesswan) wrote,

man o man

ok... so me and kaila have way toooo much time on our hands.. lol our minds have been totally in the gutter lol way too many threesome talks!!So we are both involved in like 4 threesomes plus a massive orgy… yah im sure you can tell by the pictures… I swear we are both completely straight! Yah so today was freshman orientation which was so much fun!! Haha me and morgan totally ditched all the games and just talked and such… I made a new freshman bestfriend…. But we can never have a relationship.. Cause hes a playa… plus… I think he hates me which could put a damper on the relationship…

Yah so then we went to the mall which sucked for me cause my mom made me come home cause I didn’t call first! L… oh well tho cause then we all went to kailas and took all sorts of pictures! Yah yah yah good times… wow… my life is either really boring or I just have an unbelievable knack for making it sound so… yah so im out
Later gater
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